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Everke Heinrich 153x197

Dr. med. Heinrich Everke
MD University of Freiburg, Germany 1974. Private practice in Konstanz, Germany Specialised in acupuncture and homeopathy.


Degrees in Acupuncture:
1995 National Institute for Acupuncture, Hanoi, Vietnam.
1993 University for Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nanjing, China.
1991 Sri Lanka, Society for Acupuncture, Prof. Jayasuria.
1987 Diploma of the German Society of Acupuncture.
1980 Diploma of the Austrian Society of Acupuncture.
Since 2002 several publications on acupuncture with shock waves in Germany, the USA and China.

Lectures in acupuncture at congresses in Europe, the USA, Australia and China.