Buch Myofasziale Syndrome und Triggerpunkte

Level10 publishing house to bring out new handbook

Heilbronn/Germany, 29. September 2011. – For orthopaedists, sports physicians and physical therapists there is a new practical handbook on using extracorporeal shock waves. The handbook will be published at the beginning of October to mark the first international congress

Shock Wave Frankfurt 2011.

With the title “Myofascial Syndromes & Trigger Points”, the Level10 publishing house is continuing its series Shock Wave Therapy in Practice.

The reference book provides orthopaedists, sports physicians and muscle therapists with a practical guide for treating trigger points and myofascial syndromes with extracorporeal shock waves. The book explains the physical principles of shock waves and describes both the pathophysiology and causes of myalgia. It presents comprehensive and practical information on the diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities of using radial and focussed shock waves on muscles.

With his many years of practical experience with different shock wave systems, the author and orthopaedist Dr. Markus Gleitz is a specialist in the field of shock wave therapy. The book contains recommendations for treating muscles frequently affected together with explanatory photographs and a wealth of practical examples. It is available in German and English from www.level-books.comor can be ordered by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The volume “Enthesiopathies” has been published so far (2010) in the series Shock Wave Therapy in Practice of the Level10 publishing house.


The author
Dr. med. Markus Gleitz
Specialist in orthopaedics, sports medicine, chiropractic, physical therapy, naturopathy.


Dr. Markus Gleitz trained as a specialist in the Orthopaedic Department of the Saarland University Hospital Homburg. He has had his own practice in Luxembourg since 1996 and specialises in the conservative treatment of acute and chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system, in particular myofascial pain. The author has been working with radial and focussed shock waves for treating muscular and tendon pain since 2000. He develops empirical treatment regimens for the musculature using various shock wave devices of several manufacturers and based on the well-known trigger point theories. Dr. Gleitz has been conducting medical further training courses on using shock waves on muscles since 2003. He also gives talks at the annual congresses for orthopaedics and casualty surgery (VSOU, DGOU) and at the DIGEST (German-language International Society for Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy) and the ISMST (International Society for Medical Shockwave Treatment).


The publishers

The Level10 publishing house was established in 2010 in Heilbronn with the aim of making complex topics understandable and reader-friendly. The focus is on medicine, in particular the use of extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) in the different specialist fields. Two books have so far been published in the series Shock Wave Therapy in Practice.


The book:

Author: Dr. med. Markus Gleitz
Publishers: Level10 publishing house, Heilbronn
Title of the series: Shock Wave Therapy in Practice
Book title: Myofascial Syndromes & Trigger Points
No. of pages: 210
Languages: German, English
Print run: 2.000 (G)/ 2.500 (E)
ISBN: 978-3-9813839-4-2 (G)/ 978-3-9813839-5-9 (E)
Price: 49,50 euros


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