Buch Sonografie und ESWT

NeW - "Sonographie und ESWT" From Prof. Dr. Matthias Beck

Heilbronn/Germany, 06.06.2013. "Sonography and ESWT" the new text book in the series Shock Wave Therapy in Practice. This manual enables users to inform themselves, rapidly and effectively, about the diagnostic options offered by ultrasound examination of the

musculoskeletal system. A discussion, geared to clinical and practical realities, is provided of the cross-sectional planes presented with regard to the therapeutic application of shock wave therapy (ESWT and RSWT) in selected conditions affecting the musculoskeletal and nervous systems.

The author, Prof. Dr. Matthias Beck is an known expert on the field of Sonography and Shock Wave Therapy.  He was awarded a doctorate in anatomy by Moscow State University in 2003 and has been head of the Transfer Institute for Clinical Anatomy at the Steinbeis Hochschule Berlin (SHB – Steinbeis University) since 2005. The new textbook for  Orthopaedists, Physical Therapists ans Sports Physicians is priced at 36.00 euros.