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Trends, Technologies, Perspectives: Review „SHOCK WAVE Berlin““

Heilbronn/Germany, 28.10.2014. From 3.-4. Oktober 2014 the „2nd International SHOCK WAVE Conference“ was hosted in Berlin. The historic Kaiserin-Augusta-Hospital offered the prefect setting for two days full of first-class lectures, workshops and active debates around the

conference motto „Shock Wave Therapy in Progress“. The conference focused on topics such as sports medicine, ultrasound diagnosis, fascia- and triggerpoint therapy and other numerous new indications from different areas of expertise. Intensivly discussed was also the question about the influence of shock wave technology on the sucess of therapy. LEVEL10 books, located in Heilbronn, was on-site with its own stand and presented the new reference book "Multidisciplinary Medical Applications“. Moreover, the 250 present doctors and therapists could get an exclusive View at the redesign of the webportal of Level10 books.

Shock wave experts from all over the world got together at the beginning of october 2014 for the „2nd International SHOCK WAVE Conference“ in Berlin.

Messestand Shock Wave

LEVEL10 presented its line of reference books „Shock Wave Therapy in Practice“ and the webportal

New Publication documents broad user spectrum of shock wave therapy
Premiere in Berlin: „Multidisciplinary Medical Applications“ is the newest volume in the line of „Shock Wave Therapy in Practice“ by the publishing house LEVEL10 books. Both publishers, Prof. Dr. Heinz Lohrer and Prof. Dr. Ludger Gerdesmeyer presented the new book during the kick-off event of the conference and commented on the content. „Multidisciplinary Medical Applications“ assembles articles of well-known authors on 300 pages, which depict the sucessful application of the extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) in different medical special fields. Through its interdisciplinary approach the book refers to the not yet utilised potential of the method and encourages to a transfer of knowledge between the particular special fields.


Prof. Dr. Heinz Lohrer

President of the conference Prof. Dr. Heinz Lohrer presents „Multidisciplinary Medical Applications“

Webportal now up-to-date
Since the launch in June 2014 – the worldwide first webportal for users of the shock wave therapy – lists an increasing number of users. At the completion of the launch phase the publishing house LEVEL10 books redesigned the visual appearence in-depth. The result was presented in Berlin for the first time. The webpage is now even more clear and the responsive design was optimised according to the newest web- and usability standards. Users can now reach their destination a lot faster, regardless of which device they are using. More exclusive content like videos, which support the user in their daily practice, are planed for the future.

Now even more clear and up-to-date: 

More highlights of the conference: Fascia treatment and sonography

Until a few years nearly considered, the subject of fascia therapy rapidly gained in importance. Not least due to international fascia congress the science on this subject has gained great progress. Today we know, that the fascia body network is in the cause and therapy of illness involved – especially of the muscle-skeleton system. Next to the treatment of fascia with the classic manual therapy, the use of shock wave therapy increases – successfull like several lectures during the SHOCK WAVE Conference showed. Contributing to an optimised treatment result are novel, ballistic powered applicators, like Dr. Ulrich Piontkowski/Germany demonstrated in his lecture »Fascial manipulation with shock waves«. Patients with muscular pain conditions have fascia in the particular area which are highly altered or rather thickend. Especially for the treatment ofthese stuctures company Storz Medical developed applicators in close cooperation with experienced doctors, whose special form ist adjusted for the therapy of fascia.

Great attention also drew the lecture held by Bert Evers/Holland about the practice oriented networking of sonography and shock wave therapy. The shock wave expert and president of the Holland Society of Shock Wave Therapy and Ultrasound-Diagnosis illustrated with the help of several examples the significance of sonography for diagnostics and route guidance or rather the precise application of shock wave therapy. An imaging ultrasound diagnostic improves however not only the treatment, but also contributes to the satisfaction of the patient, because it displays the treatment and makes it revisable. Following his lecture, in an hands-on workshop Evers also pointed out the advantages of modern shock wave therapy devices in this context, which comes next to focussed and radial shock wave therapy with a integrated ultrasound imaging.

New Indications: The future of shock wave therapy?
Since the beginning of urology, the spectrum of indications of the extracorporeal shock wave therapy is expanded continously. This process doesn't seem to be completed for a long time: At the SHOCK WAVE Conference next to the classic indications also several new indications took centre. Among other things PD Dr. Jean-Paul Schmid/Swiss presented results on the application of shock wave therapy on patients with chronic stable angina pectoris and in another lecture he described the postive effects of shock waves on the stimulation of healing wounds. Yet another lecture from Prof. Dr. Lars Lund/Denmark showed, that in the future patients with erectile dysfunction (ED) can profit from a therapy with extracorporeal shock wave.

Conclusion and outlook
At the SHOCK WAVE Conference this year, besides the subject-specific qualification also cooperative and academic exchange took centre. „In the past two days, we've seen a lot of excellent lectures and gained several new insights“, said the conference president Prof. Dr. Heinz Lohrer at the end of the event and pointed out, that the „3rd International SHOCK WAVE Conference“ will take place in Amsterdam in October 2016.