Buch Enthesiopathien

For Orthopedists, Sports Physicians, and Physiotherapists: The First Practice Handbook on Shock Wave Therapy

Heilbronn/Germany, 12. November 2010. – LEVEL10 Books is going to publish Shock Wave Therapy in Practice: Enthesiopathies in autumn 2010. In the handbook, editor Dr. med. Ulrich Dreisilker and other shock wave experts answer the most important questions regarding

the treatment of enthesiopathies with extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT). The book is available on www.level-books.com. The German version has been presented at this year’s MEDICA in Düsseldorf, Germany.


Accessible and reader-friendly
The book is suited for both beginners and advanced users of shock wave therapy. Heel spur, muscle hardenings, or calcific tendonitis of the shoulder:  the book describes indications and treatment recommendations in accordance with official guidelines. It also provides information about the history of shock wave therapy, physical and biological basics, and the mechanisms of action of shock waves. Numerous color illustrations, charts, and the clear structure of the handbook further increase readability. Enthesiopathies is the first publication of the series “shock wave therapy in practice”, which will be published by LEVEL10. The handbooks will focus on different medical disciplines.


The editor
Dr. med. Ulrich Dreisilker is a specialist for orthopedic medicine, chiropractic medicine, naturopathic medicine, and sports medicine. In 1995 he founded the IGESTO (Internationale Gesellschaft für Stoßwellentherapie in der Orthopädie / International society for orthopedic shock wave therapy), which merged with the DGST (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Stoßwellentherapie / German society for shock wave therapy) to become today’s DIGEST (Deutschsprachige Internationale Gesellschaft für Extrakorporale Stoßwellentherapie / German international society for extracorporeal shock wave therapy). He was DIGEST’s president and board member for many years and has been its honorary president since 2005.


Facts for journalists:

-    Dr. med Ulrich Dreisilker, Shock Wave Therapy in Practice: Enthesiopathies
-    Publisher: LEVEL10 Books
-    135 pages
-    Available in German and English
-    Price: 38,50 €
-    ISBN 978-3-9813839-0-4


LEVEL10 Books was founded in Heilbronn/Germany in 2010. Our philosophy: we want to get across complex topics. Therefore our books are accessible and reader-friendly. At first we focus on medicine, but we are also interested in other category groups. “Enthesiopathies” by Dr. med. Ulrich Dreisilker is our first publication.


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