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Enthesiopathies II: Radial shock wave therapy of tendinopathieS

Heilbronn/Germany, Oct 2015. “Enthesiopathies II” by Dr Ulrich Dreisilker, the sixth publication in the “Shock Wave Therapy in Practice” series, is now available. 

Orthopaedists, physical therapists and sports scientists will find valuable references and ideas for their daily work in this volume.

In comparison to the earlier volume “Enthesiopathies” (Level10, October 2010), the new book focuses on the treatment of enthesiopathies/tendinopathies with radial shock wave therapy (RSWT).

In a comprehensive practical section, “Enthesiopathies II” informs readers about indications and therapy recommendations for radial shock wave therapy. Numerous coloured illustrations and graphics contribute to a better understanding and visualise individual aspects. In addition, the book imparts important background knowledge: subjects such as the effect mechanism of shock waves, diagnostic sonography, the effects of mechanical influence on the muscle-tendon complex, as well as contraindications are addressed. In a final special chapter, supplementary exercises for shock wave therapy are described in detail.

The author, Dr Ulrich Dreisilker, has many years of practical experience in the field of shock wave therapy and was substantially involved in its development in the past. The publication is rounded out by several expert contributions, including from Prof Dr Konstantin Karanikas and the sports scientist Markus Pabst.

“Enthesiopathies II” is now available in English and can be ordered via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Dr Ulrich Dreisilker
Enthesiopathies II: Radial Shock Wave Therapy of Tendinopathies
188 pages, English, €48.00
ISBN 978-3-945106-04-4

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